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Dmitrii Shapievskii

Dmitrii Shapievskii

PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Berlin, Germany

  • ICERN Mentor on the VR/AR-treatment approach to Autism spectrum disorder and Advanced Technologies use in Sport medicine
  • ROYGBIV Project Principle Investigator, Founder and CTO
  • Yellow Initiative on VR/AR-treatment approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders Team, Technical leader
  • LLC “Better Reality” Founder, Executive Director and CTO

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Professional Profile:
Certified IT specialist and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics with over 20 years of experience in software development. I hold certifications as SAFe SPC and Agile Coach, and have experience in various roles including developer, team lead, systems analyst, DevSecOps, solution architect, security architect, Scrum Master, product owner, and project manager.

Work Experience:
– Developing and implementing complex systems since 1993
– Solving business challenges in finance, utilities, power distribution, production and process optimization, as well as preparing research programs and plans for space experiments for the International Space Station (#ISS)

– Rapid understanding of various business domains
– EngX practices
– Open-source DevSecOps tools
– Public/private cloud experience
– AI-based SDLC
– Emphasis on quality, security, and common sense

Additional Information:
– Continuous learning and knowledge sharing
– Development and promotion of the #TransparencyManifesto

Dr. Dmitrii Shapievskii, with a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics from 2007, has over 30 years of software development experience. For the last decade, his focus has shifted towards AI, and VR/AR, applying his vast expertise to these cutting-edge fields. His career, spanning development to project management, has addressed complex challenges in finance, utilities, and ISS space experiment planning. A steadfast advocate for the #TransparencyManifesto, Dmitrii champions EngX, AI-powered SDLC, with an unwavering commitment to quality, security, and common sense. Founder of ROYGBIV Projects and co-author of the Pareto-Shapievskii Principle, he is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance transparency and drive innovation.

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Darya Rostam Ahmed


Darya Rostam Ahmed

Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Health and Science, Koya University, Expert of the Directory of Health and Safety, B.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • ICERN Mentor on the issues of early carrer professionals recruitment into neuropsychiatry research and collaboration with the Global Psychiatric Association
  • UN Agencies Consultant on Mental Health
  • Global Psychiatric Association, Co-Founder
  • Iraq Junior Ambassador for USERN

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