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“Results of the COVID-19 mental health international for the general population (COMET-G) study” is the winner of this year’s ECNP Citation Award!

“Results of the COVID-19 mental health international for the general population (COMET-G) study” is the winner of this year’s ECNP Citation Award for the most-cited research paper in Europian Neuropsychopharmacolgy in the preceding two years!

The award has been established by ECNP to recognise and encourage impactful original research in the ECNP journal.


Daria Smirnova:

Dearest colleagues and darling friends!

Hope this letter finds you well this weekend morning. 

I’m more than pleased and extremely happy to share this amazing news with all of you – our great COMET study team. 

Let us express our sincere congratulations to Professor Kostas Fountoulakis and all our team as our basic COMET-G paper, which has been published in the journal of European Neuropsychopharmacology, got the most number of citations across preceding two years.

Professor Kostas Fountoulakis will receive one of the most prestigious awards – the ECNP Citation Award. The Ceremony will take place at the upcoming 37th ECNP Congress in Milan, Italy. Well deserved!!!

See the letter below, and the files attached. 

On behalf of Prof. Kostas and myself, that’s an honor and amazing success which could be achieved only together with all of you. 

Kostas N. Fountoulakis:

Dear all!

It was both an honor and pleasure to work with you in the COMET project, and it was so wonderful that this collaboration led to a prestigious award based on objective criteria. We all share the honor for this.

Daria has undertaken from now on the lead to continue with the COMET publications and the supervision of national groups, but I will be always here to assist in this.

On another issue, the TOP study on antipsychotics, under the aegis of the WPA and the CINP is still recruiting national teams, so if you are interested in joining please let me know.

De Berardis Domenico:

Dear Colleagues, this is an amazing achievement.

I am proud to be part of this excellent team.
My sincere greetings to All and, in particular, to Daria and Kostas, who are the beating hearts of the Comet project.

Helal Uddin Ahmed:

It’s a great news.
Congratulations to whole team.

Peter Falkai:

Thats an absolut super achievement.

Mariana Pinto da Costa:


Very pleased to have contributed to this and delighted with the impact of this project!

Renato Alarcon:

Great news!

Congratulations to Kostas and Daria for admirably leading a worldwide group of colleagues devoted to a truly historical study.
The COMET Project reflects not only high professional, academic and heuristic qualities but, fundamentally, offers an eloquent example of a profound commitment to international collaboration, solidarity and courage.
In today’s world, efforts like this represent the most sincere hopes of a better future.

Helin Yılmaz:

Dear Prof Kostas, Dr. Daria, and whole team,

Perfect news and congratulations!
Thank you very much for letting us to contribute to this amazing collaboration.

Dina Tukhvatullina:

Dear Prof. Kostas, Daria and colleagues,

Congratulations with such a great achievement!
It’s really well deserved.
The contributing team and results are fascinating.
Glad to be the part of it.

Maria Teresa Bobes Bascarán:

Dear Daria and colleagues,

What fantastic news to start the day! Huge congratulations to Professor Fountoulakis and everyone involved for this remarkable achievement with the COMET-G paper. It’s a proud moment for all of us, showing what we can accomplish together. 

Roha Saeed Memon:

Congratulations to the whole team.

Auwalu Salihu:

This is a very good news.
Congratulations to Prof and the team!

Tasdik Hasan:

Dear Prof Fountoulakis & Team COMET-G, 

What a great accomplishment & honour! Bangladesh team is super proud to be a part of this fantastic project. 
Thanks to Asso. Prof Daria for her incredible leadership top keep us all together since the very beginning. 
Many congratulations to all.

Marcelo Cetkovich:

Congratulations for a great Job!

Anca-Livia Panfil:

Dear Professor Kostas Fountoulakis & al., 

Congratulations for this recognition of all the efforts put into COMET-G, but especially a recognition for a great leadership of Professor Kostas Fountoulakis and also Professor Daria Smirnova! 
We are happy to be here alongside all of you! Great team! Looking forward to new journeys like this one!

Federico Rebok:

So proud to be Co-authering this paper which receives the ECNP Citation Award for this year (2024).
I’m very grateful to Konstantinos Fountoulakis  and Daria Smirnova and to the Argentinean team.
Congrats to all the teams of all over the world!

Pilar Alejandra Saiz Martinez:


Johann Vega:

Congratulations to Professor Konstantinos Fountoulakis, Daria Smirnova, and all the colleagues who are part of this research group!