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“G.T. Mixed States Rating Scale”, or “G.T. MSRS”

© – Tavormina G. – Psychiatria Danubina 2014; 26 (supp 1), 6-9.

    No level of mixed state

    -The “Additional Points” help to focus about the Temperaments of the patient (hyperthymic temperament for the first point; cyclothymictemperament for the second point; depressive-anxious temperament for the third point).
    There is a Mixed states diagnosis if at least two YES answers are present;
    -Give Double scores in the points 1-2-3-4-8-9-10-11 if at least 50% of the month is involved;
    -Level: Medium-light level of mixed state: from 2 to 6 scores;
    -Level: Medium level of mixed state: from 7 to 12 scores;
    -Level: High level of mixed state: from 13 to 19 scores.

    The positive result following to “G.T. MSRS” will conduct to do a generic diagnosis for mixed states sub-types of bipolar spectrum disorders, following Akiskal’s scheme (The evolving bipolar spectrum: Prototypes I, II, III, IV. Psychiatr Clin North Am. 1999) or Tavormina’s scheme (The management of bipolar spectrum disorder”. SEPT 2013) for bipolar disorders.

    The clinician will need of special care to do the correct sub-diagnosis of sub-group of mixed state.

    Smirnova, D., Yashikhina A., Gayduk, A., Vlasov A., Astafeva, D. (2023) PC program “Multilingual IBM-PC on-line calculator for early diagnosis of the mixed affective states” based the Giuseppe Tavormina Mixed States Rating Scale (G.T. MSRS) (Russian, English, Italian language versions of the program) – © Tavormina G. – Psychiatria Danubina 2014; 26 (supp 1), 6-9; PC program created by Samara State Medical University; Programming language: JavaScript, OS: Windows, Linux, MacOs, Android, iOS; 677 Kb; Application form number 2023664213, Application date: 06.07.2023; Registration number 2023665746, Registration Date 19.07.2023, Bulletin of the Federal Serviсe of Intellectual Properties №7, 19.07.2023.